Tuesday, July 3, 2012


1. We have started our home study! Our social worker said she thinks we can be done with it by the middle of August. So exciting!! So we're busy gathering papers and documents and writing our life story and reading Karyn Purvis and just learning alot about international adoption!

2. When our home study is completed our next set of agency fees will be due, so with that plus all the expenses involved up to that point we are going to need about $4,000. So....we're having a yard sale! We're going to have one here in Huntsville and my awesome mom and sister are doing one for us in Memphis. Our goal is to try to raise the whole $4,000 with these 2 yard sales, so we need lots and lots of donations! If you have anything you would like to donate, let us know and we will get it from you. Great yard sale items could be things like tv's, microwaves, electronics, old couches or other pieces of furniture, clothes, old power tools, baby items, books, etc.....we'll take anything!

3. LOVE Africa shirts! Thank you again Kimberly for taking pictures for me. In the 5,000 degree weather. :)

I have adult sizes now! Thank you so much to those of you who have bought shirts. You guys are keeping me BUSY, but every single shirt order makes a difference, and we appreciate it so much! You can go here to order one if you haven't already.

And I still would love your pictures!! If you already have a shirt, go ahead and take some and send them to me! Or just snap one with your phone and tag me in it on Facebook. Here are a few of the precious faces I have so far- (Grown-ups I want your pics too!)

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