Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where we are!

I haven't posted an update in months....simply because there just really hasn't been anything to update on! 

We're in the part of the adoption process that most people would say is the hardest -- the wait. The looooooong wait. The part where you've done all you can do. All the paperwork is done, the dossier is in Ethiopia, we're on the wait list.....and we just wait for a referral. Right now I'm feeling really good about being at this point. Impatience hasn't set in yet (thankfully), and I'm just trusting in God's perfect timing. I'm not sure how long that will last....

We've been on the wait list since April, starting out at #112. Lifeline has told us that it has been taking families 12-15 months to get through the list, so we're hoping to be matched by this time next year. We shall see! We're slowly but surely inching our way May we were #108, June #106, July #97, and this month we're #81. We get an email updating us on where we are on the list and if we've moved or not on the first of every month. We love getting that email!

In the meantime, God is doing some big things in my heart....preparing me for what's next. My favorite thing right now: 

We can only take our kids as far as we’ve gone ourselves. Talk about the hard stuff and get comfortable with those feelings in yourself. 
Work through your own stuff! You can't expect to be able to help a wounded child heal without first being willing to go to the hard places in yourself. 
The most important thing you can do is to take care of your own issues first. You'll have a greater capacity to help take care of what's going on in your child's mind, because you're more aware of what's going on in yours. 

I love it. So much. I am so there right now. Those are just some little snippets of wisdom from Carissa Woodwyk (I just love her) and some things I learned at Summit this year. 

And look at all these smiling, supportive faces!!!! We have sold SO MANY SHIRTS!!! Thank you, Jesus. This isn't even the half it....these are just all the awesome people who have sent me their picture or indulged me and let me snap one of them in the hallways at church. :) 

Every month, I update our adoption timeline (on the right side of the screen) with the new wait list number for that month. So if you're curious where we are and I haven't told you, that's where you can find it!

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